Grove Architecture is a Melbourne based Architecture
practice located in Blackburn north.

At Grove Architecture, we focus on producing contemporary, environmentally conscious designs to meet the current market demands. We believe that each project deserves a unique solution. Through ongoing collaboration with our clients and consultants, Grove Architecture endeavours to combine the elements of function, practicality, Innovation, commercial appeal and viability, the combination of which results in well planned, architecturally resolved solutions.

The foundation for our commitment to all of our clients and projects is our passion. We create and regenerate buildings and spaces that enhance the lives of the people that inhabit them. We take pride in our role as regenerators and place-makers, bringing forward responsible and innovative ideas and empowering people to live and work in an environmentally responsible manner. With passion comes an enthusiasm and a commitment to quality that we bring to all our projects from inception to completion.

“Architecture should be the marriage between form and function, just like nature, its beauty evolves by the necessity to surpass expectations and be truly honest in its appearance.”
Jonathan Grove – Director

Originally from the UK, Jonathan has had extensive experience working in internationally renowned practices both in the UK and South Africa following the completion of his Bachelors and post graduate of Architecture at Oxford Brookes University. He has worked on a vast range of projects from exclusive residential homes and apartments to leading edge sustainable commercial and residential developments as well as the redevelopment of heritage sites requiring a careful and sensitive approach to integrating the old and the new. Jonathan’s passion is creating sustainable design. He believes that environmentally sound design is not exclusive to expensive hi-tech buildings, it should be integral with every project on a cost neutral basis.